Phone Chargers

Access to fast, reliable phone charging on the go is as important as the smartphone you choose. Vivanco makes sure you never get caught with a low battery again. Fast chargers shorten the charging time considerably, after less than 30 minutes the battery is almost full again. Chargers for 2 or more end devices also charge a tablet or another smartphone in parallel with the mobile phone. Are you in the car a lot? Use the time between 2 appointments to charge the phone battery with a car charger. Android smartphones get the power they need via micro-USB or USB-C connections, iPhones via Apple’s own Lightning connector. The Qi technology needs neither cables nor plugs. Inductive charging via a magnetic field is activated as soon as the smartphone is placed on the charger. It doesn’t matter which operating system (Android, iOS) your mobile phone runs on. It is important that your model is Qi-capable. This also applies to Apple’s magnetic Qi charging station MagSafe.

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